Ancor Loc Epoxy-Loc coated bars are university substantiated tested in highly corrosive conditions, proven for 100 years.

Comparison of Ancor Loc’s Epoxy-Loc® Coating and pre grouted sheathing.

Concern Pre Grouted Sleeved Anchors Ancor Loc’s Expoxy-Loc Bar
Grout: Pre-grouted bars will sag if longer than 6m and thus grout inside (which can’t be seen) will crack thus durability issue as there may be a lack of confidence in the grout. No issue.
Size: Limiting to 6m long introduces a coupler for longer nails. Other projects have heat shrunk and Denso wrapped. A confidence in durability issue. No issue.
Delivery: Purpose made racks would need to be fabricated to confine the composite nail during manufacture and delivery. Epoxy-Loc bars can be delivered in wooden crates with each bar separated to prevent damage.
Offsite Inspection: Sleeves are required to be grouted “in the factory”. There is little opportunity to see if the nail has been damaged by bad handling as the working components are not visible. All components visible. Damaged bars can be identified on site and rejected or repaired. Full comfort factor.
Handling: Heavy, difficult to place. Light, easier to place.
Durability: As the variables affecting installation are greater with sheaths (see above) we believe that this is potentially the less durable option. Proven and approved at Manapouri for 100 years. University substantiated testing in highly corrosive conditions.
Installation: It is difficult to monitor what effects of poor installation may be as 50% of the component is already sheathed. Full visibility.
Repairing: Damaged sheaths cannot be repaired. Manufacturers approved 2 pack epoxy repair system.

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