Ancor Loc’s soil nail components create an in-situ reinforcement system for the stabilization of excavations and slopes during top-down construction.

Ancor Loc Soil Nails

Oversized holes of 100mm to 200mm in diameter are drilled and the centralized soil nail component is placed. The drill hole is then tremie grouted with cement grout. After the drill hole grout is cured, the soil nails may be torque tensioned against the protective shotcrete face to a slight load if desired.

Suggested working loads on common soil nails should not exceed 60% of the bar’s ultimate strength. Pull out capacity is a function of drill hole diameter, depth, over burden stress and the angle of internal friction of the in-situ soil. Field tests are recommended to establish necessary bond lengths.

Soil nails where used on the Constallation Road walls.

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