Ancor loc provides an anchor testing and stressing service, for our own anchors and as an independent testing company.

Anchor Testing & Stressing

Ancor loc NZ have the equipment to test all anchor types; mechanical anchors, rock bolts, soil nails, bar anchors, multi strand anchors and screw piles.

Prior to the installation of any production anchors, test anchors should be installed to verify all design assumptions, including anchor length. Test anchors should be proof stressed to 80% of the guaranteed ultimate strength of the anchor. Readings may be required on selected anchors to determine creep behaviour. All production anchors should also be proof stressed.

Proof testing is employed to demonstrate the anchor performance, prior to engaging the anchor into production. For temporary anchors, the proof load is generally 133% to 150% of the working load. Following proof loading, anchors are locked-off at working load to provide an active restraint to the structure.

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