Ancor loc is a main contender for the supply and installation of temporary and permanent multi strand anchors. Using hardware from Williams Form Engineering, Ancor Loc can guarantee a high quality product.


High capacity – Anchors utilize a 15.2mm dia. 261 kN (ultimate stress) strand. The number of strands per anchor dictates the load carrying capacity of the anchor. From 1 strand to 31 strand anchors are available. Giving a ultimate load range from 261kN to 8091kN.

All Ancor Loc’s strand anchors utilise a small diameter greased filled high density polyethylene sheathing, allowing for a greater number of individual strands to be contained in a given drill hole size.


  • Dam Tie-Downs
  • Temporary Excavation Support
  • Landslide Mitigation
  • Permanent Tieback Systems
  • Slope Surface Stabilisation
  • Foundations


The anchor system can be produced to meet the British Standard Code of practice for Ground Anchorages. Anchor Loc Strand Anchors are supplied with Corrosion Protection for either permanent or temporary applications. This depends on the anchor design/service life requirements needed for the project.


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