Ancor Loc New Zealand Proudly promote and distribute Williams Form Engineering products throughout New Zealand. Williams Form Engineering Corp has been a leader in manufacturing quality products for the Construction and Fastener Industries for over 80 years.

Williams Form Engineering construction products are divided into three main categories: Concrete Forming Hardware and Accessories; Rock and Concrete Anchor Bolts; and Post Tensioning Systems. They design and manufacture these products with pride and provide them at fair marketable prices. Each product line is complete with engineering, installation and testing equipment with on site technical support available.

Williams Bar is superior to a deformed type re bar. The rolled thread pattern is formed around the full circumference of each bar giving three times more bond capacity in concrete and grout.
The bar, hex nuts and joining couplers are made out of the same materials which gives no reaction to each other. The Hex Nuts and couplings are CNC cut to fit the thread form on the bar, they are a perfect fit and comply with the Bridge code for minimum movement. There is no need for epoxy resins to stop this movement which is commonly done with conventional re bar.

Williams have two main types of all thread bar 150KSI-1030mpa and Grade 75-500mpa. Below is more information on the two bar types.


Structural Properties
Minimum Yield / Ultimate Tensile
75 KSI / 517 MPa
100 KSI / 689 MPa

Typical Elongation in 8″ bar 7%-9%

All-Thread Rebar is available in 11 diameters from #6 (20 mm) through #28 (89 mm). Most diameters are available in continuous lengths up to 50’ (15.2 m).

Williams Grade 75 All-Thread Rebar has a cold rolled, continuous, rounded course thread form. Because of the full 360º concentric thread form, Williams All-Thread Rebar should only be bent under special provisions. Williams special thread (deformation) pattern projects ultra high relative rib area at 3 times that of conventional rebar. This provides for superior bond performance in concrete. Threads are available in both right and left hand. Grade 80 is available upon request

Welding of All-Thread Rebar should be approached with caution since no specific provisions have been included to enhance its weldability. Refer to ANSI/AWS D1.4 for proper selections and procedures.


Structural Properties
Yield Stress / Ultimate Stress
127.7 KSI / 880.5 MPa
150 KSI / 1034 MPa

Elongation in 20 bar diameters / Reduction of Area
4% / 20% min

Williams 150 KSI bars are manufactured in strict compliance with ASTM A722-07 and AASHTO M275 Highway Specifications. The prestressing steel is high in strength yet ductile enough to exceed the specified elongation and reduction of area requirements. Selected heats can also pass the 135° supplemental bend test when required. Testing has shown Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bars to meet or exceed post tensioning bar and rock anchoring criteria as set by the Post Tensioning Institute including dynamic test requirements beyond 500,000 cycles of loading.
Williams 360° continuous thread deformation pattern has the ideal relative rib area configuration to provide excellent bond strength capability to grout or concrete, far better than traditional reinforcing deformation patterns.

All-Thread-Bars are cold rolled threaded to close tolerances under continuous monitoring procedures for quality control. Threads for Williams 150 KSI bar are specially designed with a rugged thread pitch wide enough to be fast under job site conditions and easy to assemble. They also have a smooth, wide, concentric, surface suitable for torque tensioning. This combination offers tremendous installation savings over inefficient, hot rolled, non-concentric thread forms. Threads are available in both right and left hand.
Williams All-Thread-Bars are threaded around the full circumference enabling the load transfer from the bar to the fasteners to occur efficiently without eccentric point loading. Williams fasteners easily meet the allowable load transfer limitations set forth by the Post Tensioning Institute. Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bars and fasteners are machined to tight tolerances for superior performance and mechanical lock. Precision machining greatly reduces concern of fastener loosening or detensioning. 150 KSI bars meet or exceed the deformation requirements under ASTM A615 for concrete reinforcing bars. Williams special thread deformation pattern projects ultra high relative rib area, much greater than conventional rebar. This provides for superior bond performance in concrete.

Steel Quality
Williams 1”, 1-1/4”, & 1-3/8” 150 KSI bars are smooth, hot rolled, high strength prestressing steel. The bars are cold-stressed and stress relieved to produce the above properties. The 1-3/4” through 3” 150 KSI bars are from an alloy based steel that is hot rolled, quenched-tempered and stress relieved. All bars are produced to the prescribed mechanical properties shown in ASTM A722-07.
Thorough inspection and traceability are carried out during all phases of manufacturing to assure the highest standards of quality. Mill certifications and certificates of conformance can be provided with each shipment as an assurance that the mechanical properties of Williams All-Thread-Bar are as shown.

Cutting (No Welding)
Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar should not be subjected to the heat of a torch, welding or used as a ground. Field cutting should be done with an abrasive wheel or band saw.

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